The NI6E Electronic Gizmo Pages


More Ways to Abuse the Microchip Processor

Without Letting the "Magic Smoke" Out

. Divide 10 MHz Reference to 32,768 Hz You CAN Get There from Here

. GPS Disciplined Oscillator of Simple Design and Modest Performance

. GPS Valid Fix Is Your Disciplined Oscillator Getting Good Data?

. GPS Time and Date An Accurate UTC Clock with LCD Display

. Generate 1PPS Ticks Sounds Like WWV For Easy Clock Setting


Arduino Projects

. Arduino Projects While Hiding from the Corona Virus


Other Stuff

. Infrared and UHF Radio Links for DirecTV Satellite Receiver Control

. Solar Powered Lighting System for a Remote Village in the Philippines

. The GPS Horizon Depends on Where You Are

. Henry Amplifier Keying Don't Blow Up Your Icom

. Duracell Batteries Will Eat Anything You Put Them In