Tower Trailer

For VHF Contests

August, 2013


The 41 foot tower collapses to 13 feet.


The trailer "Before" picture with fiberglass satellite dish


The deck is clear
Ready for the tower support structure installation


Initial Rough Framing


The tower will tilt down with the pointy end forward
The base drops into the open area at the rear when in use.


New Cables Installed in the Tower


Dennis welding frame to hold the tower


Trial Fit for the tower frame
PVC pipe represents the metal tower


Frame in Vertical Position


The Tower weighs 430 Pounds


Tower, supported by Lift, resting on Frame


Bolted in Final Position


Half-Way Up
Winch above Frame pulls Tower Vertical
Rope pulls Tower Back to Horizontal


Fully Vertical, First Time


Winch Moved below Frame


Cable Attach Point


New Winch Cable Installed


Tower Vertical Angle Adjustment Points


Partially Extended Tower


Test Drive


Trailer Attached to Truck, Tower at Full Height


Getting Ready for the ARRL 10-meter Contest


Telex-HyGain 5-element Model 105BA-S Monoband Beam
Tower tilt required to keep element tips off the Ground


Tower now Vertical and Frame Locked in Place
Beam Boom Length is 24 Feet


Beam at 41 Feet, Working DX during the 10m Contest